Gan Sachar Park in Jerusalem

by Harlan Kilstein | Feb 24, 2023 | Places to See | 0 comments

One of the most beautiful aspects of Jerusalem is its green spaces. Although many of the city’s parks offer a decent amount of green space, Gan Sachar Park in Jerusalem is one of the most impressive, spanning a kilometer long strip of open greenery separating Nachlaot and Rehavia from government complexes on the other side of Ben Zvi Boulevard, such as the Knesset and Supreme Court.

Grassy lawns, beautiful winding paths and plenty of foliage make the park a great place for relaxing and picnicking. If you’re a family with kids, you can also take advantage of the numerous play areas available within the park or enjoy a run around the 3.4 mile loop that runs through the middle of it.

It’s a lovely spot to relax, watch people and take in the scenery on a sunny afternoon or during a tour of the Old City. And in addition to the calming atmosphere of the park, there are always some fun events and activities going on.

The playground is a huge hit with children and their parents. It’s been built by Kompan, Israel’s largest playground company, and was designed to be accessible from all directions without fences or high walls.

There’s a cafe here, too. The name, “Cafe Gan Sipur” translates to “The Garden of Fairytales Cafe”, and they serve a range of delicious dishes that are sure to delight any child or vegan.

When I interviewed Dan Mizrahi, the new caretaker of Gan Sachar Park in Jerusalem (and all its surrounding areas), about the playground, he told me how much he loved it and how proud he was to have it installed there. He said that the planning, design and color coordination of the playground was very well done, and he wanted to thank the city’s chief architect for all his help in making it possible.

He said that he has enjoyed working in the park, and it’s been very important for him to make it a safe environment for children. He also hopes that the playground will encourage more families to go outside and experience nature.

Runners and cyclists love the park as well, with an outdoor exercise park at the side furthest from the road. There are a multitude of outdoor gym machines, pull up bars and dip bars for those looking to get fit.

While the park isn’t as popular with runners as some of its other neighboring parks, it still provides a great place to get in some exercise in Jerusalem. It’s a good option if you’re looking for a short running or cycling route, and its paved pathways are generally flat and easy to navigate, especially in the early evenings when the sun has set.

During the summer, there’s also an annual barbecue festival that attracts thousands of Israelis to celebrate Independence Day in style. There are also concerts, ice-cream vans and other family-friendly attractions. If you’re looking for a nice place to visit with the whole family, then Gan Sachar Park in Jerusalem is an excellent choice in Jerusalem.